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GlossPro Pty Ltd, quality surface sanding, painting and finishing service in Sunshine North, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gloss Pro provides 2 pack spraypainting services for bathroom fittings.
Gloss Pro provides 2 pack surface preparation and spraypainting services for kitchen cabinets in residential and commercial applications.
Gloss Pro can spraypaint all kinds of cabinets and storage systems for 2 pack finishing.
Please contact Gloss Pro in Melbourne to enquire about any kind of custom 2 pack finishing requirements.

About Us

Gloss Pro Pty Ltd was established in 2010, opening our facility in Sunshine North, Victoria. Our large facility is fitted out with the latest equipment to take on large finishing jobs for individuals, businesses and larger companies. We specialise in high-quality gloss finishes that are spotless and of a professional grade.

Overseen by Andy Ho, Gloss Pro is a family-run business that prides itself in producing the best results at very competitive prices and can arrange pickup and delivery with our own in-house driver.

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