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Gloss Pro Pty Ltd, quality surface sanding, painting and finishing service in Sunshine North, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Gloss Pro provides 2 pack spraypainting services for bathroom fittings.
Gloss Pro provides 2 pack surface preparation and spraypainting services for kitchen cabinets in residential and commercial applications.
Gloss Pro can spraypaint all kinds of cabinets and storage systems for 2 pack finishing.
Please contact Gloss Pro in Melbourne to enquire about any kind of custom 2 pack finishing requirements.

Our Services

Gloss Pro provides a range of finishing services for every size of job.

Sanding and Stripping Services
Before a finish can be achieved, the part must be stripped down by either chemical stripping, sandblasting or hand sanding. Our team is efficient at quickly stripping down parts in different ways to ensure a new, clean surface is ready for finishing procedures.

Painting Services
Gloss Pro provides a range of painting services through pressure spraypainting to achieve beautiful, even painted coats. We can also mix custom colours, add effects and other highlights.

Finishing Services
When the painting has been done, a top clear coat must be applied to protect the paint. We offer different types of coats including matt, clear and gloss shine, for maximum impact of presentation.

Our finishing results are professional and spotless, why not go ahead and give us a try!

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